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06 JUL

Exchange Offer Series XXV Results

The Company reports the results of the Exchange Offer Series XXV within the framework of Resolution “A” 7272 of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

Nominal Value of Existing Notes presented and accepted for the Exchange: USD 18,797,690, of which USD 18,243,151 were presented on or before deadline to access the Early Bird.



Amount to be Issued: USD 18,797,690.

Interest Rate: 6.99% nominal annual

Issuance and Settlement Date: July 6, 2021

Maturity Date: July 6, 2024

Issuance Price: 100.00% Face Value

Early Bird: The Early Bird will consist of the payment of USD 0.0075 for each USD 1 of existing Notes delivered and accepted in the Exchange under the Par Option. Said payment will be made in pesos at the exchange rate published by Communication “A” 3500 of the Argentine Central Bank on the business day prior to the expiration date of the exchange, which was ARS 95.7667 for each USD 1.

Interest payments: Semiannual starting on January 6, 2022

Principal maturity: The capital of the Series XXXIII Notes will be amortized in 3 annual installments, beginning on the first anniversary of the issue and settlement date, as indicated below:

-  33% of capital, on July 6, 2022;

-  33% of capital, on July 6, 2023; and

-  34% of capital, on the Maturity Date.

Payment Address: Payment will be made in New York City, United States, for which purpose the Company will make available US dollars in an account reported by Caja de Valores in said jurisdiction.