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Senior Management

Appointment of our Senior Management

Our board of directors appoints and removes the senior management. Senior management performs its duties in accordance with the instructions of our board of directors. There are no arrangements by which a person is selected as a member of our senior management.

Information about our Senior Management

The following table shows information about our current senior management:

Alejandro G. Elsztain03/31/1966Chief Executive Officer1994
Alejandro Elsztain graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires. He then completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in June 1999. He has been CEO of Cresud since 1994, currently serving as II Vice President of IRSA and Executive Vice President of IRSA CP. He is also director of BrasilAgro, a Brazilian agricultural company. He also serves as director of IDBD, President of Gav Yam and Mehadrin, and Vice President of PBC (Companies dedicated to the Real Estate and Fruit business in Israel).
Matías I. Gaivironsky02/23/1976Chief Administrative and Financial Officer2011
Mr. Matías Gaivironsky obtained a degree in business administration from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has a Master in Finance from Universidad del CEMA. Since 1997 he has served in various positions at CRESUD, IRSA CP and the Company, and he has served as Chief Financial Officer since December 2011. In 2008 he served as Chief Financial Officer in Tarshop S.A.
Alejandro G. Casaretto10/15/1952Chief Regional Agricultural Officer2008
Mr. Casaretto obtained a degree in agricultural engineering from University of Buenos Aires (Universidad de Buenos Aires). He has served as our technical manager, farm manager, and technical coordinator since 1975.
Diego Chillado Biaus09/15/1978Commercial Manager2019
Mr. Diego Chillado Biaus obtained a degree in Administration and Agricultural Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has a master’s degree in Agribusiness from Universidad Austral. He is currently the Commercial Manager of Cresud, where he has served in several positions since 2005. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of FyO. Previously, he worked as Commercial Director of BrasilAgro and General Manager of Kumagro.