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Business strategy

We produce oilseed and cereal grains, sugar cane and meat from Latin America and export globally, seeking maximum efficiency in the management of natural resources and optimizing our assets. We seek to maximize the value of our land through the implementation of the best productive practices and application of our accumulated experience and knowledge.

We promote productivity improvements by incorporating new technologies, direct sowing techniques, machinery, and renewable energy.

We are experts in real estate, undertaking market analysis, measuring risks and opportunities, anticipating trends. We have an excellent team of professionals, with extensive territorial knowledge, to analyze land productivity, business feasibility, and make decisions at the right time, rotating the land portfolio regularly.

We provide the best services for the agricultural community through our subsidiaries. We boost our clients\' businesses through the consulting, marketing and storage services o ered by FyO. We are pioneers in creating the first online agro marketplace, Agrofy, which is already operating in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay with regional expansion plans.