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Ownership Breakdown

As of June 30, 2023, the share capital of the Company is ARS 593,389,883, whose shareholding is divided into 593,389,883 nominative non-endorsable common shares of 1 nominal value each and entitled to one vote each.

The following table sets forth information regarding ownership of our capital stock by each person known to us to own beneficially at least 5% of our common shares, ANSES (The Argentine Social Security National Agency) and all our directors and officers as a group.

Shareholder Shares Ownership
Eduardo Sergio Elsztain (1)  228,519,673 38.7%
Directors and Officers (2) 22,786,319 4.4%
ANSES 23,889,445 4.0%
Otros 318.194.446 52.9%
Total 593,389,883 100.00%

(1) Eduardo S. Elsztain is the Chairman of the board of directors of IFIS Limited, a corporation organized under the laws of Bermuda and Inversiones Financieras del Sur S.A., a corporation organized under the laws of Uruguay. Mr. Elsztain holds (through companies controlled by him and proxies) a majority of the voting power in IFIS Ltd., which owns 100% of IFISA.

(2) Includes only direct ownership of our Directors and Senior Management, other than Mr. Eduardo S. Elsztain.