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Our people


We work to build an increasingly diverse company that learns from different perspectives and values inclusion as a pillar of our organizational culture. We believe that the best results come from a team that respects differences in ideas, perspectives, experiences and beliefs. In our Company we consider it key to generate development opportunities based on the competencies and skills of each person, regardless of gender, age, race, origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other difference.




LEARNING: We offer all our personnel the possibility of training in different subjects, whether they are technical, management and/or leadership courses, which contribute to their professional development. Some programs are developed with internal facilitators, consulting firms and/or educational institutions. We also support individual training initiatives of our collaborators, covering the cost of technical training related to their role in the Company. During the pandemic, we adapted our training programs to the virtual format, transmitting content on leadership, conversational skills, how we work, improvements in our systems, how to give and receive feedback, and how to be close from a distance.

INTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAM: In order to encourage the promotion and internal development of employees, and transparency in the selection process, we have an Internal Application Program. This allows, in the event of a vacant position, the possibility for an employee from any area/business of the Company, regardless of the position, to apply. Vacancies are communicated through the internal social network, detailing the position, the main tasks, the place and time of work and whether there are any requirements for the application.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: With the mission of promoting the development of our personnel and motivating feedback, the leaders have a performance tool that allows them to evaluate the competencies defined by the Organization and, together, define an individual action plan with strengths and aspects to improve. This evaluation is carried out annually for all personnel, during July and August, focusing on the collaborator’s performance during the fiscal year. The evaluation form varies according to the function of each collaborator, considering the following competencies: “Quality of work”, “Service orientation”, “Going for more”, “Being part of a team in action”, “Being a leader”, “Being a protagonist”, “Being pragmatic” and “Flexibility”. The evaluation is administered online, through Success Factors, which allows us to have the evaluation history of each collaborator, their action plans and associated comments.

POTENTIAL MODEL: We have a methodology to evaluate potential successors of key positions and support them in a process of training and development to perform in a new position. The selection of potential candidates is focused on mapping leadership levels and identifying replacement candidates for key positions. The process is led by Human Resources Management. For the identification of the potential candidate, historical performance evaluations, feedback from peers, the climate of the sector in charge and the work history, among others, are considered.