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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In order to continue working on the diversity of our company, we began to work with different organizations such as: ADEEI, IDEL, AMIA, Fundación Forge, Diagonal and Fundación Puerta 18. We created two internal networks of volunteers, the Disability Network and the Gender Network, that are working to promote gender equality and inclusion in the Company.

In early 2021, a Diversity Committee was created reporting directly to the Ethics Committee that receives complaints related to situations of harassment, mistreatment or violence in the workplace due to gender or sexual orientation issues.


We started 2020 with the intention of developing an internship program for all businesses, where the ADEEI Association and the IDEL Foundation would participate in an articulated manner. This project was postponed due to the pandemic, but the team’s decision was to continue working with different organizations in pursuit of the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

The activities carried out were the Assembly of the CV and Labor Interview and two meetings where it was explained how to work in treasury and in cadetry. In total, 80 people from ADEEI and IDEL participated. Then, from both associations they gave us an Awareness Talk on labor inclusion of people with disabilities for the entire company.

For Disability Day, on December 3, 2020, we carried out the following activities with organizations that work with people with disabilities: “En Buenas Manos”, offered Active Pause and Stretching workshops; and “Canales” Civil Association, offered a basic workshop on Argentine Sign Language.

During the first semester of 2021, a Search Simulation Process took place for 9 participants from ADEEI and IDEL, where they simulated being part of a real search, experiencing each instance of the process. At the end, each participant had a meeting where feedback was given about their participation.

Gender Network

Some of the actions carried out during the year were the following:

  • Adherence to the WEPS principles of the Win Win Program of UN Women.Carrying out the diagnosis and in the process of putting together the company’s action plan.

  • Development of the #NuevasMiradas Guide for action in situations of harassment, abuse or violence in the workplace due to gender or sexualorientation issues. Creation of the Diversity Committee reporting to the Ethics Committee, who receive complaints related to the Guide.
  • Carrying out reflection workshops for a group of leaders and referents where certain situations of inequity, abuse, harassment, etc. were worked on. through scenes performed by actors and actresses and a subsequent analysis on how to continue building respectful teams. These workshops will continue to be held throughout the company.
  • Armed the first Lean In group with women from the company to help in the development and professional empowerment of each of the participants.
  • Awareness workshops on the role of women in Rethinking the 8 M and Unconscious Biases both with an external Consultant.
  • A member of the Red Di Tella de Diversidad. Participation in activities, workshops and meetings for member companies
  • Adhesión a la iniciativa Público-privada del Gobierno de la Ciudad participando de las actividades y la encuesta de equidad salarial.
  • Support for women leaders in participating in a gender perspective leadership training program.

DEI main indicators (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)