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Corporate Profile

We are an Argentine company, leader in the agribusiness for more than 80 years. We produce high quality goods, adding value to the Argentine agricultural production chain, with a growing presence in the region through investments in Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Our origin dates to 1936, when CRESUD was created to manage the real estate of the Belgian company Credit Foncier dedicated to rural and urban loans in Argentina. Once the company that gave rise to CRESUD was dissolved, between the 60s and 70s we turned our activities around to dedicate ourselves exclusively to agricultural activity.

In 2005, we created BrasilAgro to replicate our business model in Brazil. BrasilAgro’s shares are listed in the Novo Mercado of the Brazilian Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) since May 2006 under the ticker AGRO3 and as Level II on the NYSE under the ticker LND since november 2012. As of June 30, 2021, we hold 38.9% interest in BrasilAgro’s stock capital and it is consolidated in our Financial Statements. In 2008 and 2009 CRESUD kept its regional expansion process by acquiring farms in Bolivia and Paraguay diversifying its portfolio and replicating its business model in those countries.

Currently, we are one of the leading agricultural companies in the region and the only company of the sector whose shares are listed both on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BYMA:CRES) and NASDAQ (NASDAQ:CRESY) with full transparency and responsibility.

Our sector is one of the main engines of the productive, economic, and social development of the country. We have advanced in terms of production, technology, and competitiveness in the agricultural sector, but we still have a lot to do to preserve our natural resources, while feeding a growing population.

We produce oilseed grains and cereals, sugar cane and meat for the world, seeking maximum efficiency in the management of natural resources and optimizing our assets. One of our greatest assets is our people with decades of experience in our company, extensive knowledge of agribusiness and local and regional reality.

Additionally, we participate in the real estate business in Argentina through our subsidiary IRSA (BYMA:IRS, NYSE:IRS), one of the leading real estate companies in Argentina, dedicated to the country, as well as selective investments outside Argentina.