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Business strategy

We seek to maximize our return on assets and overall profitability by:

To such end, we seek to:

Maximize the value of our agricultural real estate assets.

We conduct our agricultural activities with a focus on maximizing the value of our agricultural real estate assets. We rotate our portfolio of properties over time by purchasing properties which we believe have a high potential for appreciation and selling them selectively as opportunities arise to realize attractive capital gains. We achieve this by relying on the following principles:

Acquiring under-utilized properties and enhancing their land use.

This principle includes:

To do so, we generally focus on acquisitions of properties outside of highly developed agricultural regions and/or properties whose value we believe is likely to be enhanced by proximity to existing or expected infrastructure.

Applying modern technologies to enhance operating yields and property values.

We believe that an opportunity exists to improve the productivity and long-term value of inexpensive and/or underdeveloped land by investing in modern technologies such as genetically modified and high yield seeds, direct sowing techniques, and machinery. We optimize crop yield through land rotation, irrigation and the use of fertilizers and agrochemicals. To enhance our cattle production, we use genetic technology and have a strict animal health plan controlled periodically through traceability systems. 

Anticipating market trends.

We seek to anticipate market trends in the agribusiness sector by:

International expansion.

We believe that an attractive opportunity exists to acquire and develop agricultural properties outside Argentina, and our objective is to replicate our business model in other countries. Although most of our properties are located in different areas of Argentina, we have begun a process of expansion into other Latin American countries, including Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Increase and optimize production yields.

We seek to increase and improve our production yields through the following initiatives:

Implementation of technology.

To improve crop production, we use state-of-the-art technology. We invest in machinery and the implementation of agricultural techniques such as direct sowing. In addition, we use high-potential seeds (GMOs) and fertilizers and we apply advanced land rotation techniques. In addition, we consider installing irrigation equipment in some of our farms.

To increase cattle production, we use advanced breeding techniques and technologies related to animal health. Moreover, we optimize the use of pastures and we make investments in infrastructure, including installation of watering troughs and electrical fencing. In addition, we have one of the few vertically integrated cattle processing operations in Argentina through Sociedad Anónima Carnes Pampeanas S.A.

Increased production.

Our goal is to increase our crop and cattle production in order to achieve economies of scale by:

Increasing our owned land in various regions by taking advantage of attractive land purchase opportunities. In addition, we expand our production areas by developing lands in regions where agricultural and livestock production is not developed to its full potential. We believe in the use of technological tools for improving the productivity of our land reserves and enhancing their long-term value.

Diversifying our production and the weather risk by leasing farms, thus expanding our product portfolio and optimizing our geographic focus, in particular in areas that are not appealing in terms of land value appreciation but with attractive productivity levels. We believe that this diversification mix mitigates our exposure to seasonality, commodity price fluctuations, weather conditions and other factors affecting the agricultural and livestock sector.

Moreover, we believe that continuing to expand our agricultural operations outside of Argentina will help us improve even more our ability to produce new agricultural products, further diversifying our mix of products, and mitigating our exposure to regional weather conditions and country-specific risks.

Land Management.

In contrast to traditional argentine farms, run by families, we centralize policy making in an Executive Committee that meets on a weekly basis in Buenos Aires. Individual farm management is delegated to farm managers who are responsible for farm operations. The Executive Committee lays down commercial and production rules based on sales, market expectations and risk allocation.

We rotate the use of our pasture lands between agricultural production and cattle feeding and the frequency depends on the location and characteristics of the farmland. The use of preservation techniques (including exploitation by no till sowing) frequently allows us to improve farm performance.

Subsequent to the acquisition of the properties, we make investments in technology in order to improve productivity and increase the value of the property. It may be the case that upon acquisition, a given extension of the property is under-utilized or the infrastructure may be in need of improvement. We have invested in traditional fencing and in electrical fencing, watering troughs for cattle herds, irrigation equipment and machinery, among other things.