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Iniciatives and Recognitions

Diversity and Inclusion

We are working to continue building an increasingly diverse organization that learns about different perspectives and values ​​inclusion as a pillar of our organizational culture.

We believe that the best results come from a team that respects differences in ideas, perspectives, experiences and beliefs.

In our company, we consider it key to generate development opportunities based on the competences and abilities of each person regardless of age, race, origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or any other difference.

Diversity helps us better understand our customers, creating a competitive advantage in the markets where we operate.

We know that creating a culture based on diversity and inclusion is a process that takes effort and dedication. That is why we are committed to promoting initiatives that allow us to learn, improve and make progress year after year.



For more than 10 years we have been working measuring the working environment generating improvement plans promoted by the leaders. We participated for the second time in the ranking of the firm specializing in the assessment and transformation of the work environment of organizations, which involves the best brands in the world. From CRESUD we believe that comparing ourselves with the best is essential to keep growing. In the last survey we stood out in credibility, pride and camaraderie.


Likewise, the Company received the "Best Farmer" La Nación-Banco Galicia award for its work in the "Agroriego" field, located in Valle de Conlara, province of San Luis. .

Matías Vázquez, con el premio para Cresud como Mejor Agricultor, y Sergio Dulcich       

BYMA Sustainability Index

CRESUD was included among the 15 companies of the New Sustainability Index that launched the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BYMA) in an effort to identify the Argentine companies that most develop the social, environmental and Corporate Governance aspects .