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Our crop production is mainly based on grains and oilseeds. Our crop production includes mainly wheat, corn, soybean and sunflower. Other crops, such as sorghum, are sown occasionally and represent only a small percentage of total sown land.

We seek to diversify our mix of products and the geographic location of our farmlands to achieve an adequate balance between the two principal risks associated with our activities: weather conditions and the fluctuations in the prices of commodities.

In order to reduce such risks, we own and lease land in several areas of Argentina with different climate conditions to permit us to be able to sow a diversified range of products. Our leased land for crops is mostly located in Pampa region, a favorable area for crop production.

  • The leased farms are previously studied by technicians who analyze future production expectations based on the historic use of the land.
  • The initial duration of lease agreements is typically one or three seasons. Leases of farms for production of crops generally consist of lease agreements with payments based on a fixed amount of Pesos per hectare or crop sharing agreements (“aparcería”) with payments in kind based on a percentage of the crops obtained or a fixed amount of tons of grains obtained or their equivalent value in Pesos.
  • The principal advantage of leasing farms is that leases do not require us to commit large amounts of capital to the acquisition of lands but permit us to increase our scale in the short term and reduce the risk of inclement weather.
  • The disadvantage of this strategy is that the cost of leasing can increase over time, in part, because increased demand for leased land increases the price of leased land.

In order to increase our production yields, we use labor control methods which imply:

  • Seeding quality supervision (density, fertilization, distribution, and depth)
  • Harvesting monitoring (determination of natural losses and losses caused by harvester)
  • Storage quality verification (bagged crop)

In this way, we work jointly with our suppliers to improve management of inputs, water and soil.

Crops Market

Our grains production is entirely sold in the local market. The prices of our grains are based on the market prices quoted in Argentine grains exchanges such as the Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires and the Bolsa de Cereales de Rosariothat take as reference the prices in international grains exchanges. The largest part of this production is sold to exporters who offer and ship this production to the international market. Prices are quoted in relation to the month of delivery and the port in which the product is to be delivered. Different conditions in price, such as terms of storage and shipment, are negotiated between the end buyer and ourselves, and through a broker